When you’re stuck or need to help with recovery, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your winch is up to the job. Looking at a winch for Nissan Titan trucks, you can easily get distracted by style or pulling power, but there are other factors that come into play. We take a look at two of our best Tuff Stuff ® winches and see what the real differences are.

What Makes a Winch?

Believe it or not, a lot goes into crafting a good winch. Most customers look at line pull, or the recommended maximum the winch can draw before stalling. The gear ratio is also a huge factor to consider, as higher ratios mean more torque but lower crank speeds. There are also differences in line type since synthetic and steel wire rope both have their benefits. So is there a best Nissan Titan winch? That depends on what you need.

Trailhead 13,000 lb. Winch

As our first option, the Trailhead is a 13000 lb. winch with a standard wire line that isn't fooling around when it comes to recovery. With a 6.6 horsepower series wound motor, it has the muscle to take on whatever the road puts in your way. Its wireless remote lets you stay nice and dry while the winch takes bad weather head on thanks to a waterproof electronics enclosure.

X-Treme 12,500 lb Winch

For the second pick, we look at the X-Treme 12500 lb. winch with synthetic rope and waterproofing. Its 6.65 horsepower motor can handle tough pulls, and the wireless remote is good up to 75 feet. At the outset, the tuff stuff 12500 winch seems comparable to its 13000 lb. brethren, sharing features like:
  • Waterproof electrical housing
  • Wireless and wired remotes
  • 6.6/6.65 three-stage planetary drivetrain
  • Automatic in-drum braking
  • Suggested 650CCA Battery requirement

However, depending on your needs, there are some distinctions that make one preferable to the other.

Deciding on Difference

First and foremost, the Trailhead offers an additional 500 lb. of line pull, putting it ahead of the X-Treme in that regard. However, the former features a somewhat lower numerical gear ratio of 216:1 as opposed to the latter’s 256.2:1, meaning that the X-Treme can give slightly more torque while Trailhead maintains a more consistent line draw at speed.  While the X-Treme’s synthetic line has a much higher breaking point and is less dangerous if it fails, it doesn’t have the stability wire rope offers when faced with rocks and rough terrain. This gives the Trailhead an edge when it comes to durability, but not in the size and weight category, coming in at a hefty 103 lbs. versus the X-Treme’s 73. What it comes down to is choice. Do you need a hefty winch with a steel cable and consistent draw speeds, or a smaller winch with less line pull but lighter rope? Both come with comforts like wireless remotes and the safety of waterproof housing. When shopping for Nissan Titan winches for sale, take a close look at both options before you decide the best fit for your truck.
January 23, 2019 — Amador Santoyo