There’s nothing like a winch to bring out the ultimate power of your vehicle. For the best winch for Toyota 4Runner, here are two excellent options. Compare each one and find out which winch is tough enough for your adventures. From work to play, and everything in between, choose Tuff Stuff.

Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12,500 lb Winch

Maximum power and durability comes in all shapes and sizes. Enjoy the 12,500 lb winch for unbeatable power and excellent durability. This Toyota 4Runner winch uses all the latest Tuff Stuff X-treme rubber seals and rugged casing to completely protect your winch from rain, snow, dirt or debris.

You’ll love the synthetic rope and hawse fairlead for even the most difficult recoveries. The entire design is waterproof and easy to operate. For military-level innovation and high-grade cables, you can’t beat the sheer power and might of the 12,500 lb winch. Here are just a few more great reasons to choose this winch for your 4Runner:
  • Wireless remote
  • 8 ton snatch block
  • 6.65 HP motor
  • 3/8 in synthetic rope
  • 88 ft of rope
  • Waterproof solenoid
Few winches can match the durable and practical nature of a Tuff Stuff Xtreme winch. Whether you’re pulling your Toyota out of a field or a muddy backroad, this reliable winch has got your back.

Tuff Stuff Trailhead 13,000 lb Winch

The trail starts here. Boldly go forward with the confidence that this 13,000 lb winch has your back. The Trailhead can easily pull your 3/4 ton pickup or 4Runner out of any bind. Whether you’re a professional looking to help recover other vehicles, or a serious off-roader who is looking for a little insurance, this winch can provide some serious pull.

Just like the X-treme 12,500 lb winch, this durable option has the signature Tuff Stuff frame and no-nonsense waterproof design. Use it either wired or wirelessly for maximum flexibility. From minor slips to major mud, you’ll get your Toyota 4Runner out of harm’s way and back on the road. Check out these specifications to learn more about this impressive winch:
  • Wireless remote
  • 3 stage planetary gear train
  • 6.6 HP motor
  • 13/32 in steel cable
  • 85 ft of cable
  • Waterproof
There’s lots to love about the sheer power and rugged design of the Trailhead. Every inch of this winch is worthy of the Tuff Stuff name. The durable steel cable can give you an impressive amount of pull, while the wireless remote is useful for solo situations.

Only the Best

There’s a lot to compare between these two winches, and both offer a significant amount of excellent features. It’s no secret that Tuff Stuff chooses only the toughest, most efficient products for our lineup.

In the end, only you can determine the best 4Runner winch for your lifestyle. Compare and contrast these two powerhouses, and consider where you’ll likely be using them most. From back road cruising to true off-road adventures, choose Tuff Stuff for all your winch needs. Check out our extensive line of winchestoday for the best prices on the best gear.
January 23, 2019 — Amador Santoyo