Tuff Stuff® Refrigerator / Cargo Organization Slider



The Tuff Stuff portable fridge/cooler slider provides a convenient way of accessing any load up to 220 lbs by providing a sliding deck to any flat surface.

With all necessary hardware included, our Fridge/Freezer slider can install on any flat surface to allow your cooler or portable fridge to be easily accessed. Install the slider in your truck bed, Jeep® or SUV's cargo area, RV, Trailer, or even a boat.

Our handy fridge slider makes moving anything bulky out of an enclosed space much more manageable and can accept up to 220 lbs (of evenly distributed weight) safely when fully extended. With ample room to fit most 30-60 qt portable fridges, our slider provides 15.75 x 29.25 inches of space (please check your dimensions before ordering).

Don't just use our slider for a cooler or fridge. Use it for camping bins, firewood, cooking gear, inside of your RV's under-storage, truck bed, SUV cargo space, etc. Send in pictures of how you use yours!


  • Gain convenient access to your cooler/fridge/freezer
  • Safely secure any load to a convenient sliding tray (cooler, wood, storage bins, tools, liquids, and much more)
  • Holds up to 220 lbs
  • Ball-bearing sliders
  • Powder-coated for longevity
  • Stainless hardware included
  • 4 qty tie-down straps included
  • 4 qty tie-off points
  • Fits our 55 qt fridge with room to spare


  • 1/8 inch Slider and mounting brackets
  • Universal stainless mounting hardware
    • 4 qty Allen bolts
    • 4 qty threaded nut inserts
  • 4 qty tie straps
  • Quick-release latch


  • Inner Fridge Tray L/W/H: 29.25 x 15.75 x 2.5 inches
  • Outer Mounting Tray L/W/H: 31 x 18.25 x 3 inches
  • Material: 1/8 inch thick powder-coated steel
  • Max weight limit: 220 Lbs

Built from heavy-duty 1/8 inch powder-coated steel, the Tuff Stuff fridge slider is sturdy, will not flex and can withstand some serious abuse!


This universal fridge slider can be mounted just about anywhere on your vehicle. There are mounting points on the sliders to secure to the vehicle. All the hardware is provided but special hardware may be needed for certain locations. Make sure the location you choose is strong enough to handle the weight of the refrigerator when full of product and overhanging. Use the provided straps to secure the refrigerator to the bracket using the rails and brackets provided on the body.

Q & A

Why do I need this refrigeration slider?

Most people will install the slider to be able to access the products inside, outside of the vehicle while the refrigerator is still plugged into the 12V socket.

Why do I need to secure the load down?

When offroad, the terrain is rough and the load will tip over if you do not secure down.

Can I use this slider for other products?

Absolutely. Anything you don't want to have to lean over to pull out, secure onto the slider. Your back will thank you! Dump Bins or trash bins fit great into the slider too.



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