Tuff Stuff® Electric Winch Quick Connector 6' Extension

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The Tuff Stuff® 6 inch extension 2 gauge wiring kit provides an affordable solution to providing power to your winch or 12V accessory. This kit allows you to add a quick disconnect plug to your winch or 12V accessory for ease of portability, or simply to disconnect power to your accessory while not in use, which protects your battery from a parasitic draw.

Works with all Tuff Stuff® quick connect plugs or any winch wiring kit purchased through Tuff Stuff.


  • 6 inch of 2 gauge positive (+) wire
  • 6 inch of 2 gauge negative (-) wire
  • Quick connect plug on one end & ring terminals on the opposite end
  • Rubber dust cover for quick connector
  • Provisions in plug for mounting your connector (hardware not included)


  1. Connect Positive and Negative to the winch motor posts.
  2. Make sure you still have the ground from solenoid attached to the motor ground post.
  3. Use with power extension and male quick connector.

Q & A

Why would I need to have this on my winch?

It is primarily used for when you need to remove the winch or equipment from the vehicle. By having this attached to the winch you can use this on multiple vehicles or have in the front or back of the vehicle. When using on a trailer you will be able to remove and use on a vehicle. Most of the time the winch is mounted on a portable winch mount that slides into a 2" receiver.



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