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Best Overlanding Shows, Expos, and Events in 2023

Overlanding shows, expos, and events are great for anyone interested in learning more about the overlanding lifestyle and the community that surrounds it. These events are designed for everyone from beginners to experienced adventurers, offering world-class training from overland and expeditionary experts, seminars, and hands-on driving courses. 

They are a great opportunity to check out the latest gear, meet fellow overlanders, and gain the skills to plan your future adventures. You get to check out other overlanding vehicles, find supplies for your build, and interact with like-minded people. Besides, think about how much you learn!

Put yourself in the middle of the action; this is the best way to be inspired. Here is a complete list of all overlanding expos taking place in the United States in 2023, so you can find one close to you.

Overlanding Shows in 2023

For your convenience, we've arranged these overlanding shows according to date and location.

These events range from parties to ones that are family-friendly, and jam-packed with workshops, that will allow you to buy tons of gear. Whatever the case, there is definitely an event here for you!


1. Xscapers Convergence Annual Bash 

Venue: Lake Havasu, Arizona

Date: January 14th–22nd

Fee: $350. 

For the entire week, the attendees can enjoy seminars, live music, themed parties, camper markets, bouncing houses, campfires, meditation sessions, hangouts, yoga, group dog walks, a communal work area, and a massive Ferris wheel.

This week-long party is a fantastic way to beat the winter blues. The event isn't quite as educational as some of the other events on this list. The EscapeesRV Club, which organizes events and meetups all year and offers a wealth of benefits and resources to its members, is the host of this gathering. You can check their website for more information.


2. Truck Camper Adventure Rally

Venue: Quartzsite, Arizona

Date: February 9 to 12. 

BLM is allowing only 400 overland rigs for this four-day event of overland truck campers in the desert. It will take place in the Roadrunner Wash Bureau of Land Management area. Up to six family members may attend for an additional $25 per camper. Near the bottom of the event page, attendees can find a list of truck camper owners who have registered for this overland event. Manufacturing companies that make truck campers are listed separately.


3. Express Rally Adventure Series (California)

Venue: Death Valley, California & Nevada

Date: February 10th-12th

Fee: $1,099 ($500 deposit required to book)

Every year, a few caravans come to the famous Express Rally. This rally follows predetermined routes through Death Valley. You can just show up and enjoy the ride with your new friends because this event has been meticulously planned.

All attendees will share regularly scheduled meals. You can enjoy the excursions and picturesque campsites scattered across Death Valley National Park in the Mojave Desert. Each ticket is good for up to two passengers and one vehicle.

Additionally, you will get t-shirts, sticker kits for your car, commemorative patches, full media coverage from BLK ELK Media, and lifelong memories!


4. American Adventurist – Desert Rendezvous

Venue: Arizona

American Adventurists is a community dedicated to giving back to society. These gatherings are very community-oriented and draw like-minded people who enjoy travel and adventure.

Compared to some of the other bigger events, this one is much more laid-back. Although there will be vendors there, this is not a commercial event. Community potlucks, a cooking contest, and team trail runs are all to be anticipated.

It is advised that you join their community and participate in forums to stay informed about all of their events. You have to register and sign in to their website to see the details of the event.


5. Southeast Overland & Outdoor Expo

Venue: The Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park – Starke, Florida

Date: March 3-5

Fee: $60-$142.50

The Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park in Starke, Florida, is the location of this three-day outdoor and overland expo. The event will include camping, seminars, an off-road course, food trucks, raffles, and other activities. In the past, seminars have covered topics like pet travel, overlanding with a trailer, and wilderness first aid.

You can get more details about the event on their official website.


6. MOORE Expo

Venue: Springfield, Missouri.

Date: April 21-22nd

Fee: $35-$200

The MOORE Expo takes pride in being the Midwest's top consumer travel show. This event, which takes place at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, is perfect for people who like to stay current on the newest equipment in the business. There are more than 200 vendors at this event.

Numerous workshops and seminars are held at this expo in addition to the impressive list of vendors. You can anticipate learning everything from how to pack a first aid kit to using overland navigation apps, as well as what essential gear you should be bringing on your adventures.

Additionally, there will be live music on both nights in the recovery room, as well as family-friendly lawn games. 

You can find more information on their official website.


7. Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo

Venue: Buffalo Lake, Alberta Canada

Date: May 13-14

The Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo is Alberta's premier outdoor event, featuring vendors, guest speakers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It will be held in 2023 in Alberta, Canada. This event is home to over 300 exhibits that offer everything from the latest outdoor gear to catch-and-release fishing in the ponds or at the McLeod River, paddle boarding, vehicle recovery courses, evening movies, food trucks, live music, and much more.

Here is their official website for more details on the events and the different exhibits.


8. Overland Expo West

Venue: Flagstaff, Arizona

Date: May 19th-21st

Fee: $20-$490

This outdoor overlanding expo prides itself on being the best of its kind in the world. To give you the full camping experience at the event, they have a ton of campsites available in the lovely Ponderosa Pine Forest.

This event also boasts 400+ vendors selling products and services for a variety of outdoor activities such as overlanding, camping, motorcycling, and travel. You can attend more than 175 workshops and seminars at this event over the course of the weekend.

This event's evenings are filled with live music performances, film festivals, raffles, and parties. This event is for people who want an all-encompassing overlanding expo that includes learning, shopping, and socializing with other like-minded people. The event is also ideal for children and families.


9. Northwest Overland Rally

Venue: Plain, Washington

Date: June 15th-18th

Fee: $130-$300

The three-day Northwest Overland Rally is held in Plain, Washington, which is located about an hour's drive from Wenatchee.

There is something for every kind of outdoor enthusiast at this event. On-site primitive camping is accessible for all three nights in a field close to the activities.

There are vendor booths for everyone. Attendees can also go to workshops, work together, and interact with the neighborhood. Due to its location in Washington State's wine region, this event even offers wine-tasting opportunities.

 An overlanding expo.

10. Outside Adventure Expo

Venue: Salt Lake City, Utah.

This expo event is held at the OC Fair & Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Vendors, exhibitions, educational seminars, workshops, live music, craft brews, and adventure movie screenings are all part of this two-day event.

This event is organized for those with interests in various adventures like mountaineering, mountain biking, overlanding, kayaking, etc. It would be thrilling to check out some of the most impressive adventures and overland rigs on the road when you attend this event.

Due to venue restrictions, there will be no overnight camping at this event. More details of the event can be found on the official website.


11. Overland Expo Pacific NorthWest

Venue: Redmond, Oregon.

Date: August 25th-27th

Fee: $25-$405

Every year, this event takes place in Redmond, Oregon, which is close to Bend. With festival-style camping available at this event, visitors can easily access the vendors, exhibits, live music, and events.

In addition to over 175 specialized workshops like how to pack trauma kits, recovery methods, survival skills, and other helpful courses for off-road enthusiasts, this event features over 300 vendors in the outdoor market.

Even after sunset, these activities continue. In addition to food trucks, raffles, and even an overland film festival, they hold a happy hour every evening. These events are some of the biggest overlanding gatherings in the world and are perfect for anyone looking to learn, develop, and interact with the overland community.

You can check their website for more information on the event.


12. Rocky Mountain Overland Rally

Venue: Gunnison, Colorado.

Dates: TBD (typically the last weekend in July)

Fee: $130-$300

This event is the first of a three-part series that takes place across North America (the other two events are in British Columbia and Washington State).

Primitive camping is permitted on-site for this event, making it the ideal and suggested method of attendance. There are many vendors, a nightly happy hour, group campfires, daily yoga, and educational classes for those who prefer to learn outside as part of the event.

In 2022, this event was postponed due to competing events in the region and across the nation. It is anticipated that this event will resume in 2023 after being reevaluated.


13. Overland Expo Mountain West

Venue: The Ranch – Loveland, Colorado

Overland Expo Mountain West will be held at The Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, in 2023. It is the world's premier event for do-it-yourself overland and adventure travel enthusiasts. The event hosts hundreds of session hours of classes for 4-wheel-drive and adventure motorcycling, inspirational programs, the Overland Film Festival, roundtable discussions, demonstrations, food, and a large expo featuring several hundred vendors of adventure travel equipment, camping gear, bikes, vehicles, and services. 

The event offers more than 300 session hours of incredible programs and over 250 exhibitors. More information is on their website.


14. Mid-Atlantic Overland Expo

Venue: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Date: TBD (Generally 2nd weekend in August)

Fee: $110-$250

The Mid-Atlantic Overland Expo takes pride in being the top east coast overland expo. Visitors can take advantage of classes, vendors, an adventure film festival, and even onsite camping.

Testing your driving prowess on off-road and obstacle courses is one of the most thrilling things you can anticipate here. You can take part in community events, food trucks, live music, and group campfires every night.


15. Teton Overland Show

Venue: Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Dates: September 15th-17th

With the goal of uniting outdoor enthusiasts, the Teton Overland Show was founded in 2017. The Waterfront at Snake River Landing is the location of this three-day festival, which is held near the Grand Tetons. For an additional fee, on-site camping is available for the duration of the event. This event features a ton of product demos, class sessions, group trail runs, and even a kids' zone.


16. Big Iron Overland Rally

Venue: West Mineral, Kansas

Date: September 29-30

In West Mineral, Kansas, an overland rally called Big Iron lasts for three days. The rally will feature camping, live music, vehicle awards, and even a self-guided tour of Big Brutus, a.k.a. the Bucyrus-Erie model 1850-B electric shovel, according to the rally's organizers.

The Big Iron Overland Rally is a camping and concert experience at the historic Big Brutus landmark in West Mineral, Kansas. The event offers live music, vendors, classes, and more, and is a great opportunity to meet fellow overlanders and gain the skills to plan your future adventures.


17. California Off-Road Expo

Pomona, California

Date: TBD (typically the first weekend in October)

Fee: $15-$20 per day

For those who take off-roading seriously, there is an off-road expo! You can anticipate seeing a variety of top-tier industry vendors, hearing from famous speakers, and even getting to drive some fully equipped off-road vehicles on an off-roading course. The event is perfect for those who take off-roading seriously and don't mind getting a little dirty. 

An overlanding expo. 

17. The Pilgrimage

Venue: Vermont

Date: October 5th-8th

Camping, trail rides, and even a quiet area for families with young children are offered at this Northeastern gathering of off-road enthusiasts and overlanders.

The Pilgrimage is a gathering place for 44 enthusiasts from all over the nation, and some even caravan through Vermont. The Henderson Hideaway Basecamp, where you can browse various vendors and mingle with the locals, is the venue for this event.

Even a map of Vermont's extensive system of class IV off-roading trails will be provided to you. The state does not maintain these trails, so this event encourages caravans to travel along these treacherous, rocky roads.


19. Rendezvous in the Ozarks

Venue: Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

Date: TBD (typically the second week in October)

Fee: $60-$90

This small gathering is a part of a series that takes place across the nation in various locales. These activities are perfect for people who want to immerse themselves in a group of people who share their love of the outdoors.

Expect group potlucks, nightly conversations, campfires, and the chance to meet wonderful people who share your enthusiasm for the great outdoors.


20. Rooftop Tent Rally

Venue: Gladstone, Virginia

Dates: October 21st-23rd

Blue Ridge Overland Gear and James River State Park are the event's hosts. Any vehicle that gets you into the great outdoors is welcomed, even though this event is geared toward overlanders with a rooftop tent.

You can browse a ton of vendors, go to workshops on adventure travel, indulge at the on-site brewery, unwind to live regional music, and more. This event welcomes families, offers camping on-site, and is surrounded by numerous trails that you can explore.

There you go! We hope you find an event that will boost your passion for overlanding. If you are just starting out and you are interested in overlanding, here is a comprehensive guide to overlanding, and another on how to find the best overlanding trails near you