Tuff Stuff® Mounted Shower Tent Enclosure


Tuff Stuff® Mounted Shower Tent Enclosure is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Tuff Stuff Shower Tent provides an enclosed space to rinse off all the dirt and grime from the day's adventure. Thick nylon Ripstock walls keep the wind out and guide rods help keep its shape. Nothing beats a refreshing shower after a long day.

• Offers total privacy for showering outdoors
• Measures 36 x 36 inches for plenty of room
• Rugged 300D nylon Ripstock walls protect against wind and light intrusion
• Includes an LED light strip for showering after dark
• Deploys in under two minutes
• Ground stakes keep the enclosure secure in windy conditions

 1 mesh for wet goods
 1 solid panel to keep your items dry


    • Dimensions: L/W/H: 36 X 36 X 68 Inches
    • Material: 300D Nylon rip-stop with a silver lining so that you don't inadvertently put on a "shadow" show for all the lookie-loo's out there
    • Mounting: Uses 2 qty L-brackets for installation to most crossbars (every rack is unique so you may need to purchase mounting brackets specifically for your rack/crossbar)
    • Ground Stakes: 4 qty
    • Construction: All aluminum construction, black anodized
    • Height: 68” of fabric, with 17-inch adjusting straps to lower the fabric to the ground
    • Storage Pouches: 2 qty
    • Velcro Straps: 2 qty riveted to frame for hanging a showerhead.
    • LED Light: Discontinued, March 2022


    Step 1

    1. Use the shower tent L-brackets to attach to your designed mounting points.
    2. Make sure that the shower tent is secure and does not move when mounted.

    Step 2

    1. Unzip the Shower tent cover.  (The cover is there to protect the shower tent and must be closed and secured when traveling)
    2. When traveling make sure you check the zips are secure and if in rough weather use a zip-tie to hold them together.

    Step 3

    1. Move the shower cover out of the way by placing it on the top of the shower tent bracket.
    2. The cover is attached to the bracket and will not be able to be removed.

    Step 4

    1. There will be 4 Straps that are holding the shower tent and tent arms in place.
    2. Unbuckle the straps to deploy the tent.

    Step 5

    1. Unroll the tent material away from the vehicle.

    Step 6

    1. Stretch the material as far out as it will go (without forcing).  There are tension bars on the bottom that will help hold the material in shape.

    Step 7

    1. Fold out the shower arms so that they are at 90 degrees from the shower bracket.

    Step 8

    1. Lock each shower arm into place.

    Step 9

    1. Use the loops at the base of the shower material and the provided stakes to secure the shower base to the ground.

    When putting the tent away, roll the material from the bottom to the top.  This makes it much easier to fit back into the shower cover bag.

    Note: To avoid mildew issues, let the tent material dry before closing up into the cover. 

    Storage & Handling

    • Open the Shower tent fully and brush and vacuum any dirt.
    • Clean the fabric as needed using a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft to medium brush. Rinse fabric of all detergent prior to drying.
    • Dry Shower tent in the sun with shower tent open. The shower tent must be completely dry before storage, or mildew and mold may occur. This is especially necessary after camping in rain or wet conditions.
    • Using a small brush you can remove dirt from the zipper. You can use beeswax, soap, or silicon spray to keep the zipper lubricated.
    • Before you leave always check the nuts and bolts attaching your shower tent to the rack. Make sure they are tight and secure. Check the cover is zipped and secured.


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