Trail benders Overland is a lifestyle adventure team that is focused on overland experiences. Tuff Stuff Overland supplies them with all of their overland products to test and help improve so that the end customer has the best product on the market. The team of Dillon and Steven are professional adventurers roaming through America to show the world the amazing places we have here that are only accessible with overland gear. They are brand ambassadors for all product overland including vehicles, aftermarket accessories and overland gear. Tuff Stuff Overland also provides them with our rugged off-road trailers. These trailers will go where your vehicle travels allowing you to basecamp and enjoy the outdoors without compromising on the amenities required for an overland adventure. Solar powered and off the grid systems allow Steven and Dillon to comfortably travel for days without touching a power grid. Follow their adventures across America.  



As always, works in PROGRESS.

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