Choosing the right Offroad / Overlanding Trailer

Tribe Trailers, formally Tuff Stuff Overland Trailers, has fast become the Overland Trailer of Choice. With hundreds of trailers on the US trails and the expansion to over 60 dealerships across America, the Tribe Trailer company is one of the fastest growing Overland Trailer companies in the USA. The original founder, Brett Maister, owns and operates Tribe Trailers. Please reach out to Tribe Trailers for your Overlanding Trailer needs.

With the fast paced Overlanding scene growing daily, the innovations in expedition trailers are also rapidly changing for the better, allowing for even more creature comforts and technology to follow at the same pace. Things like roof top tents, solar panels, running water, stoves, and well thought out storage solutions are just a few things that have evolved to better suit the Overlander of today. So, why settle for a basic body trailer with no engineered space?

Manufacturer - Tribe Trailers

Where to Buy - Tom's Camperland

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