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Types of Overland Awnings

Got an overlanding trip coming up? How well prepared are you for any adverse weather


An awning is a must-have if you want an outstanding camping experience.

But which are the best overlanding awnings available?

Come with us as we explore the different types of awnings.

What is an overland awning?

Overland awnings are heavy-duty covers made of a waterproof fabric material that pops up and covers a supporting framework to provide shelter or shade during a trip. These are usually attached to vehicles with support poles and fitments that can be folded into a bag and fastened to a vehicle's crossbar or roof rack when not used. 

Why an Awning? 

An awning is essential in providing shade safety. Setting up an awning is an easy way to protect and safeguard adventurists, including campers or overlanders, from harsh weather conditions. Awnings protect you against hot sun, rain, hailstones, snow, or sleet. They also provide additional space while camping. They can be used as a sleeping extension during camps.

Choosing An Awning for Overlanding 

Awnings can make your Overlanding trip more enjoyable and memorable. However, there are some things you’ll need to consider while choosing an owning for Overlanding. These include:

Ease of setup: Ensure you go for an awning that’s easy to set up. An overly complicated awning may mean you’ll never be able to utilize it.Size: Awnings come in different sizes for different vehicle sizes. Ensure the one you go for an awning that’s compatible with your Overland vehicle systems. If you have different vehicles, you may need other awnings for each.Quality of awning: Opt for a high-quality awning made using high-quality materials for more durability. The material should be waterproof and UV protected.Price: This is an important consideration as it determines the kind of awning you go for. Generally, bigger awnings come at higher costs compared to small awnings. The price also depended on the quality of the awning. The higher the quality, the higher the cost of the awning.

Tuff Stuff 270º Degree Compact Awning 

Made of a sturdy 600D Poly cotton Rip-Stop fabric, this is a free-standing 270-degree awning designed to provide 80 square feet of shade and protect you from any adverse weather element. This awning is easy to install hence can be set up in less than a minute. 

Key features

80 square feet of overhead coverage: With its size, this 270-degree awning provides a large shade space of up to 80 square feet.

Driver side and Passenger side wall mounting options: It comes with 2 installation options: Driver and passenger side wall mounting, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Durable construction: Made with a 600D Poly Cotton Rip-Stop Fabric that’s designed to withstand any weather condition hence durable

Various guy line attachment points for optimal structural support.

Tuff Stuff® Roof Top Awning, 6.5′ x 8'  

Designed to provide ultimate comfort, shade, ease, and convenience, this 8-feet tall freestanding awning is made from a 280G cotton/polyester ripstop fabric with a polyurethane coating to offer maximum rain and UV rays protection. It also comes with multiple mounting options.

Key features

Comes with an all-aluminum rafter frame that’s both light and strongIt offers multiple mounting options to allow you to select the one that suits you best

Made with a rugged and tough 280G poly-cotton Ripstop fabric for maximum durability and protection

Measures 8*6.5 feet for a smaller footprint

Tuff Stuff® Roof Top Awning, 4.5′ x 6′ 

Tired of sun baking while camping? Then, this rooftop awning will come to your aid. The easy-out awning stands 6 feet tall and 4.5 feet across, providing enough shade to protect you from rain and sun. This awning best suits mid-size trucks, jeeps, smaller Toyota SUVs, and crossovers. It offers multiple installation options with roof racks, tie-down, top tents, side rails, or rooftop tent rails.

Key features

Includes a tough 1000D PVC driving cover for transport

Made from a high-quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton fabric for maximum protection

Coated with polyurethane for optimal protection from rain

Includes reflective guide ropes for extra lateral support

Tested to withstand extreme winds or weather

Tuff Stuff 270º Degree XL Awning 1 

This is a large awning with a shade space capacity of up to 129 square feet. This provides convenient large space protection against harsh weather elements. The 270 degrees XL awning is ideal for large vehicles and camping participants.

Key features

Comes with C-Channel aluminum arms which keep the awning light while providing maximum strength

Has 2500MM waterproofing and UV protectionIncludes 6 aluminum telescoping poles to store the awning arms inside

Designed with 280GSM poly cotton rip-stop awning fabric for maximum protection

Offers large shade space of up to 129 square feet

Tuff Stuff 180º Degree XL Awning 

This easy-to-setup awning provides up to 88 square feet of shade space. You can mount the side awning brackets in less than 30 seconds on any rhino rack or crossbar setup. It comes with guy lines, heavy-duty steel ground stakes, mounting brackets, adjustable poles, hardware, and an accessory storage bag. 

Key features 

Includes weather-resistant 1000G PVC Driving Cover with heavy-duty zippers

Made with 280GSM poly cotton rip-stop awning fabric for maximum protection and durability

Provides a large 88-square feet shade space


The Tuff Stuff Awning Shade Wall comes with a windbreak panel to provide the additional shade needed for long trips. Standing 6 feet tall, this awning allows you to adjust the panel's angle to block wind or the sun when it gets too low.

What’s more, the windbreak is designed to offer protection against harmful UV rays on sunny days.

Key Features

Comes with an additional panel for more shadeMade from a high-quality waterproof 280G polyester/cotton fabric

Coated with polyurethane to offer optimal protection from rainInstalls onto an existing awning in secondsIt’s UV rated for sun protection


This is designed to slide into an existing awning and provide extra shade to protect you from harsh weather elements while on your Overlanding adventures. The 8-feet tall panel provides an easy way to upgrade your Tuff Stuff awning as it can be fixed at a slight angle for more space to accommodate additional chairs, ground tents, or camp tables.

Key Features

Adds an extra panel to the 8*6.5 -foot rooftop awning for more shade space

Crafted from the same 280G poly-cotton Ripstop fabric for quality and durability

It’s easy and quick to installCoated with polyurethane to offer maximum rain protection

How does overland camping differ from typical tent camping?

Unlike typical tent camping, which primarily focuses on relaxing and exploring one specific area, Overlanding involves exploring remote lands with your vehicle and using it as a primary camp for resting, eating, shower room, and sleeping. Overlanding involves being self-sufficient without relying on the campground for amenities like water, washrooms, shade, or electricity.

The following are some of the differences between tent camping and overland camping:

Tent camping focuses more on relaxation, while Overlanding is more on explorationUnlike Overlanding, tent camping is not heavily reliant on a vehicle. Overlanding is very reliant on a vehicle.Typical tent camping is for a short period, while Overlanding trips tend to span longer periods as it focuses on covering as much ground as possible.

Wrap Up 

If you are an explorer, car awnings are a great addition as they can make your Overlanding experience more fun. They protect against harsh weather conditions that you may encounter on your trip.

If you looking for high-quality awnings or to upgrade your awning room, you can check out our reviews above. Go ahead and try them.

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